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So far as London is concerned, the cases of the previous week gave

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experience by visits to Paris and to Vienna, where he worked

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sense, ripe experience, and a judicial temper, and that they

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Surgeon-Lieuteuaut J. L. Macrae. Madras Establishment, on return

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Since the " three years in a rank" rule was instituted, not

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the entire process, or it may be found limited to the point or

amlodipine besylate oral tablet 10 mg

•' Bbitish Medical Joobnal, 1885, vol. 11, p. 473.

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have received private information, the rough and ready

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new way of applying the bandage to the perioeura, which will no doubt

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3,303,568, the figures were sufficiently complete and reliable

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body had not decomposed. From the precautions taken by

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of our Government institutions. We have consulted these

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Women randidales.-K. I. Clutterbuck, E. E. Goodrick, MP. Graham,

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lation concerned (as well as that of each several district) to

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prising Appliances connected with the various branches of

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^appearance of aberration of intellect and drowsiness. I

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4. The comma bacillus is virulent through its production

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Hogg, E. B., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S. A., appointed Senior House-Surgeon to

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on the subject of vaccination with reference to leprosy, the

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Tuberculosis. Card Specimens:— Dr. J. S. Sharkey:

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between the finger and thumb, and failing this employ forceps

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from the wards of tlie hospital will be shown and demonstrated on by

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the Hippocratic treatises. He says : " The anatomical de-

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drunkenness, verging on delirium tremens. The circum-

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JMr Campbei l Bannerman s*'d in January last the questirn of the suc-

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the fever being due to worms, and noticed that vomiting

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Next day she vomited green bile, and during the following

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It IS difficult to give an explanation of this strange phenome-

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rant our leaving this point without further comment.

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tinal obstruction lasting a week in a woman aged 75. No

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