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("Lancet"). — The patient was seen in November, 1884, with
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times a day after meals. Other ferruginous remedies which are likewise often
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M. Vedder, of Schenectady, and Dr. Joseph H. Vedder, of Flushing.
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of disease in which severe anaemia appears without any assignable cause and
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merly were merely palliative or left unrelieved. As the
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Rochester, who was associated with his father in the practice of medi-
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lungs, stomach, bowels, conjunctiva, from under the toe-nails,
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comed to the pages of the Gazette, and very probably may,
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Bearing these instructions in mind, it will be seen that criticism
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directly, as did the others, and then gradually subsided, until in
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graduation he served as interne at the Methodist Episcopal Hospital
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time he improved his knowledge of medicine, and particularly in the
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under Docent C. Bender at the Physiological Institute,
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ferruginous springs in Germany and Switzerland are situated at Cudowa, Rip-
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The chairman of the Committee on Homoeopathic Hospital
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"The Third Stage of Labor," by Sarah E. Sherman, M.D.,
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physician. Without it the result is doubtful. It is what is
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