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tin solution ; the mixture is warmed in the water bath.
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ointments may be used cautiously. Those made with cold cream as a
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only was there a history of alcoholism without insanity in the parents.
amitriptyline hcl 25 mg side effects
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itself, the patient remaining in good health ; and this process has recurred
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epithelioma, especially in elderly persons. The muco-cutaneous junctions
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mat, the heat is increased until the lower crucible begins to show
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of Mentally Feeble Children. London, 1895. — 5. Idem. "The Etiology of Sporadic
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removed. Occasionally some results are obtained by the use of the
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to be indicative of structural disease of the vertebral column, this mistake
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vol i. p. 483.— 30. Roger. Soc. mid. des h6p. de Paris, 1885.— 31. Tonnelle. Gaz.
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Giver of all gifts; but whilst it is questionable whether
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or re-infection. Both before and since the discovery of the part played
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he believed to be impending over him, yet it was a very effectual means
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epileptic subjects may suffer from night terrors also. But I cannot
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in organic disease. Sometimes the dependence of an obscure symptom
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Persons subject to any singular or inveterate habit, or to
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strabismus and curved iris scissors (for mice) ; scalpels; tissue
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frozen state in small quantities, for example, 1 to 5 ml.
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Pathogenetic : causing pleurisy, abscesses, and death when inoculated
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are followed by exhaustion, indicated by paralysis on the motor aspect,
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ternal causes which induced its increase or diminution. He
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" hypertrophic cicatrix " ; that in the first the papillae and the inter-
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and still preserves a high place in the estimation of many dermatologists.
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general hospital ; but in the majority of cases removal to an asylum is
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3. Hysterical anuria. — Suppression of urine — "hysterical anuria" — is a
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seals cannot be made without special high-temperature blast
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The muscles may be rigid, but the tendency is rather to catalepsy ; the
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tion of cases, and the patient is liable to other tuberculous affections in the
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may be arranged in lines, running mainly from the spine outwards and
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process. When ulcerated or inflamed there is generally a good deal of
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as Burton's, on his originality in treating even commonplaces
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bearing for a much longer period. In this country it is the
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constant weight in the room air before weighing. When a porce-
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may be reduced ; at any rate patients will suffer injuries or inflict them
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very fatal infectious fever which occurs after lambing, and runs a course
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travels, and wherever he went made the doctors his enemies
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requirements of accurate 60° angles and straight sides. The most
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The toes are powerfully flexed and adducted, the great toe being in
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existence. The reports of no less than forty-two cases have been collected
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Another way in which facial spasm may come about is by repeated
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it. Of such self-sacrifice the persons under consideration are incapable.