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and health, and that in all cases these observations involve questions of how to remove

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1 2. Masterson JF: The borderline adult: therapeutic alliance and trans-

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widespread use of the penicillinase-resistant penicillins may result

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Supplement, pp. 270 and 272.) Several similar cases are quoted by Dr. Chandler (Lec-

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Community Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center,

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Oral Pathology Review, Jan. 16-18, University of Miami School of

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"but we must insist that all be treated by a process that is fair and equitable. "

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ft on this extraordinary march, but there seems a little doubt of this. During the

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changes in mood are a source of anxiety, concern, and con-

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lessening symptoms caused by the volume of the tumor.

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and there was no granulation tissue. However, there was

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be made to these elaborate reports for the full details.

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the hopper above with no perceptible loss of water in this trap. Its water

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The comparative amount of army and civil venereal diseases is not

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twice. So that there was always at least f inch of water seal remaining.

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“discombooberated,” “swelled up like a toad . . .’’They’re all

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The plasma levels are a guide in the treatment and certainly

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Review & Overview in EEG, Nov. 17-19, Hilton Hotel, Jacksonville.

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tion is succeeding in representing physicians in government

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Adson’s test and a Modified Allen’s maneuver, i.e., the

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The VC of each lung represented its ventilatory ability,

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of carotid-subclavian artery bypass grafting to lessen the

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both from a personal and professional standpoint. There are

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patients with traumatic aneurysms, but of the 17 patients

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$25, nurses; no fee for residents and medical students. AAFP,

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invisible objects take form in his quick hands. He finishes

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14. Sautter RD: Massive pulmonary thromboembolism: experience with 12

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patient remained in continuous pacer capture without

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tion was thrown into the cesspools common to all the regiment ; and in