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iveness, hallucinations, panic states. Fatigue and depression usually
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propranolol may have increased the left ventricular end
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on plasma level determinations of psychotropic medications
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maintainance. Such an approach encourages the use of
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population upon such a comprehensive plan, but as the time allowed for its
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5 Cooley, D A The Sequelae of Mitral Valvulotomy. Regurgitation or Current Stenosis,
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Each hospital is to be built in blocks, to consist of two floors, the sick
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As with other semisynthetic penicillins, SGOT elevations have been
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J. W.: The Role of Pulmonary Insufficiency in Mortality and Invalidism following Surgery
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Brief Therapy of Stress Response Syndromes, Feb. 14, Holiday
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measured. This may be easily done by adding a measured quantity of
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tural districts, the dry removal, if properly carried out, will be the best
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Yogi (1872) ; Butter, its Analysis and Adulterations, 0. Hehner and A.
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or not a prescribed rule is or is not beneficial, and what modification must
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methods have been closely watched, and many of its regulations adopted
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these also had an acute inferior wall myocardial infarction
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your office — when you aren’t available because of injury or illness — even if only for a few days.
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4201 West Victoria Street • Chicago, Illinois 60646
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elite position. Some physicians maintain that if the profes-
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Problems of the Aging Female. Stouffer’s Greenway Plaza, Houston.
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1905 North Lamar Blvd, Austin 78705. It must be offered solely to
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by applying gentle continuous pressure. Then squeeze the tube to deliver
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this dairy. — " Massachusetts State Board of Health Report for 1877," p. 123.
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and prevention of streptococcal infections, including
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than butter. An artificial butter, made of clean fat and in a manner to
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combined coronary and lower extremity procedure has
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William W. Thompson, M.D., Ft. Walton Beach, Vice President
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grant, utilized Levinson’s work, in part, for her book. I
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Termination dates of the Texas Medical Association Insurance plans
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circumstances, consider more frequent arteriography in
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in which mixture the pure farina of mustard shall not be less than forty per
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American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, New
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However, potassium supplements must be administered with
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Safety for use in pregnancy has not been established.
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A clear fluid remains above. The hydrogen sulphide falls in the precipi-
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excreta or not, although if these excreta can be perfectly excluded the
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His People are Funny weekly TV/radio show won three Emmy
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certificates furnished by the Kew Observatory, for all barometers verified
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" Of course, over-training may be hurtful, but anything can be carried too far.
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