This condition is very apparent when the muscles of the
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the heart ; still there was no pain whatever, except
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tion, drinking much and often. I found him seated upon
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is inhabited by 1,288 millions of inhabitants, viz.,
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particulars of an analogous case, for which he was in-
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prolapsus ani, aggravated with internal and external
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teen members of the medical profession ; viz., Henrv
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it does, how most serious heart-disease may exist with-
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patient, the complexion, expression of face, and pulse,
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the use of cabs, etc., by them. Happily, such cases
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tion of tar. " It has a fine topaz-colour, a pleasant
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Napper, Mr. A., cottage liospitals, 50 ; gratuitous medical
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expressive of its small size and of the manner in which
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pustule made its appearance on the very spot to which
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of disorder in the respiratory function of the glottis.
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evils which may result from errors in the instruction
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The right side of the face did not participate in the
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lecoveied his strength. Of course, my wishes were not
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ments of the worms." Tlie sentence, " I think there
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ing the same week. It is to be feared that typhus may
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livery. Two cases of placenta pra^via, both did well,
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been applied to the neck, but without producing the
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result to the goats browsing upon a particular plant be-
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such registry ; and the 1-lth section provides as follows :
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counter, not the least of which was misrepresentation.
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of the moneys received by them. Returns sliall be an-
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could be felt. A raised margin could be traced round
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Case viii. On December -Ith, 185G, Mr. Coe requested
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Institute. There were two varieties of it, botli pertain-
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When, therefore, we call to mindverdicts which juries
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subject, in regard to the symptoms caused by trichinae,
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puncturing the cyst and letting out its contents may be
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and surgical; a syphilitic ward, one for contagious dis-
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ceased. Other diseases vi'ere attended with an intermit-
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Solomon; The Hon. Secretaries of the Harveian Societ-?
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cence — generally not exceeding a few days, but in rare
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suspense of several months, the resignations of the
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king — for the able and zealous manner in which they
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1121bs each. Of cheese 32 cloves (of 81bs. each) make
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