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behavior appear in their systems constantly. In fact, it is

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mind the invaliding from the army, it seems clear that a prolonged military

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sions to an average of 1.5 units per patient during

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mother who falls asleep.” He also noted that inattention

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the receptacles are lined with some absorbent material (refuse of cloth

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in any way be contaminated by percolation or emanation.

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these unfortunate patients. Massive doses of Thorazine

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one millimeter or larger with a proximal occlusive lesion

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oughly drained, show no lowering in the phthisical mortality. Nor could

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strength, the sickness of the army may be much understated. What a

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Amitriptyline HCI may enhance the response to alcohol and the effects ot

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In French Guiana, Dr. Laure, besides malarious fevers, describes

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Committee on Physician Population Ratios continued their study of

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growth of fungi, though it will not completely destroy them ; for example,

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a combination frequently occurring in the waste-pipes of pantry sinks.

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than one penicillinase-resistant penicillin is tested against the same

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very great weight can be carried without injury if it is necessary, and apart

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Friday, May 29, 12:15 p.m., Convention Center. Henry J.

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LRB is still smarting from a federal court reversal of its decision three years ago

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are anxious to secure the potent remedial effects of removal to a more

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The production of heart disease ought not to be attributed solely to the

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(one-half pound to the gallon). These latter are better for water-closets, be-

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Circular Tent. — A double circular tent, weighing about 100 ft), has been

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appears probable that it was carried there ; but the important point for us

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the tracheobronchial tree. Postoperative chest roentgen-

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which pays benefits up to age 65. This wide variety of coverage options allows members to tailor

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patients against operating dangerous machinery and motor vehicles.

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for the transmission of light in this system allows for far

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much less water, but parts with it much more quickly ; thus, to cite one experiment^

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thetic nerves to the spinal cord. Their function is unknown.

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5. Knight R: Borderline states. Bulletin Menninger Clinic 17:1-12, 1 953.

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