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so that the first half-pint of water which runs through it washes away the

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sections ; this difficulty is due to their relative abundance in the various

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ress toward the goal of 1 2% black representation in medical

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been the work of Lord Herbert and the lloyal Sanitary Commission.

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result only in needlessly alarming the public and in detriment to many

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are more frequent in men from the Mediterranean stations than others (Dr.

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discuss it with the reporter instead of providing only half of

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a The general principles of hygiene are of course to be applied in the case of the

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containing 2 mg perphenazine and 25 mg amitriptyline HCI, t.i.d. may often be adequate.

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marked effect is produced, and there seems no doubt that the influence of

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colleagues point out that thrombolytic therapy will be con-

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MEDICAL/DENTAL OFFICE SPACE available. 1200 sq. ft. across from

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another room in the same building ; in the case of small-pox, typhus, and scarlet fever,

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have graduated from three-year family practice pro-

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this evaluation but it needs broad medical insight for its

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but really intercept the water which is on its way to join them by subter-

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1,000 ; while in the army in the same years the mortality was .9, and the

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were more rapidly generated than his less assertive left brain

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tion likely to respond to Bactrim therapy. If infection is confined to

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of the air. Ascend as rapidly as possible to the upper station, and take

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army to the civil population. The following table shows the exact number

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Limited to Retina and Vitreous Car rental at discount rates

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by an experienced endoscopist. Full colonoscopy should

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the cutting down of the river channels. The Great Salt Lake of Utah and

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until inflammation subsides. Then maintain comfort with regular Anusol

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Xenograft Valve: Hemodynamic Evaluation and Early Clinical Follow-up in 332 Patients

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The measures to be adopted if military ophthalmia prevails —

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Take 100 CC.s of this solution and dilute to 1 litre.

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in four years the number of first-year positions must be in-

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Pupil Assignment of the Polk County School Board has

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