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equally positive with the blood, by induction, and would no

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W. W., son of Capt, J. A. W., U. S. Army, a rather thin,

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in the air-passages, as well as from general irritability during a

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our garden-beds and in our orchard "{ Why should we buy

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best treatment for gonorrhceal ophthalmia is that which I have so

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ganglion were clearly exposed, and at several dress-

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Now, it is not to be presumed that these individuals are entirely

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found nothing but confirmation of the principle here set forth. I then com-

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can combine only by the process of combustion ; and hence

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it in many cases of labor, but have neA~er iound it necessary to

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posterior and anterior columns and the gray matter. This

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different forms of scarlatina, or in distinct and confluent shall pox %

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organs of elimination. Much dietetic unrighteousness is for-

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There was probably left of the neck and cervix from the os to the ligature

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remarks upon its dose and action when given in the form of Alco-

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imbibition through the cutaneous surface and the walls of the pul-

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The acetabula were both obliterated, the capita femorom much di-

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In Mr. Beal's case, while nothing could have been better than our cool,

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The sulphate of zinc, to which Dr. Abbot refers, I have never used, nor

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ter was passed. The sound was introduced so far, that its aper-

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strength, and the sufferer becomes haggard and worn in appear-

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been tried, both at home and in other countries, during that time ;

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orbital muscles ; when actually commenced, their duration may be

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continuance of human life, seems to be about eighty-three

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easily, no matter what difficulties the nurse may have to encounter.

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duty. It is our object to foster all the higher aspirations ; to keep

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The first successful operation of the kind, for Aneurism, in this coun-

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closed between the ties. These loops serve for the attachment

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generally terminating in vomiting or eructations. True gastral-

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a disgraceful discount. We find in the last number of the " No v th

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rather than by their immediate action on the coats of the stomach,

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in all the departments ? We would rather introduce such a prodigy to

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patient has but little fever ; abdomen soft ; bowels comparatively

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the neck, and of the larynx and respiration. In puerperal con-

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