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cient to explain many others. To mention only a single example;
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more irritating purgatives, under the impression that it tends to pre-
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an ounce. The symptoms were violent convulsions, coma, and great
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wanted; so that it will be most convenient to consider the several affec-
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I was very struck with the fact that from what he reported and
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1. Idiopafhic Fevers. Several indications for the use of opium are
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(iv. 229), Dr. Elisha Harris has reported several cases, in which it ap-
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be impregnated with the juice, and introduced into the external meatus.
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It is too often the case, that those who yield to all their pa-
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in the Britiph Pharmacopceia, it may neverthelegs bo useful, when the
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even a small degree of it, if in one of tht* internal and vitjil organs.
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For the dilatation of the pupil belladonna is much used bj the sur-
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orange*l>rown precipitate froni the solution of a salt of qulnia, la ordi-
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odour similar to that of the plant, and a hot, very pungent ta.<te. Hot
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invAt venouh truiikr h it (ine of ibe most i'flQ«'i''ii( airiMii^ in sucl. cattefr.
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times preferred fur its flavour, or in coase(|uence of some peculiarity of
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stimulants may be arranged under the following heads.
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bodies, corpora quae miramur. I do not advocate a great
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like Pyrrho, he wall ask to be left, reserv^ing his
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name has also been applied to GauUheria procumbens, it should be
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permanently incojporaled with tbe tissue, forming an opaque spot, which
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of the tropics. The cabbage palm tree rises to the height of
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some it is met with in their seeds, in others in their roots,
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i|he purpose. When nitrate of ammonia is heated, it is entirely dccoD
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the arm, in order to lessen, in some measure, the pressure on the brain.
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intimate admixture with that fluid, into which they find admission,
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mously high price when pure, and the great uncertainty as to the degree
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are best adapted as therapeutic agents, have been already
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the British riiarmacopteia, it is directed to be made by distilling water
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depreasion proportionate, at least approximately, to the previous exalta-
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itatf > cn t, eaanpikc^' is apt to irrhaie \he nrinarr passtws a&d tbe i>n!aiis
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clude that they are ill adapted for the chronic invalid or dys-
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