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him to close his mouth and elevate his chin to almost the full extent;

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no nystagmus. The gait is markedly ataxic and becomes

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The commonest cause of aortic regurgitation is from rhemnatic

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The onset of this fever is usually sudden and marked by a rapid

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able, as we have no effective means of treating it, and we can deal

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reasons already stated, whatever the nature of these injections, they are

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suggestion. Let the physician gravely state that she has omitted to

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twitched. She remained in this state about ten minutes and

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including slate pencils. I published a remarkable case of a girl who

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Registrar-General were that in deaths due to violence, in

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that consultation of the original papers will often be

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Food and drink will accumulate in quantity imtil they are brought up

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thick arms and crooked legs. The head is flat at the top, narrow in

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It is not until the joints of the lower extremities, such as the toes and

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was no dilatation. All the valves and vessels were healthy.

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case. This may be explained perhaps by the fact that where

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discharged the duties of his office during a period of unex-

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severe or grave symptoms, regarding epilepsy as a trivial disease in

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flexed, and the others cannot be extended. In long-standing cases

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