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Robert G. Jones, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston,
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most close to the ground on grass, suspended on little tripods of wood,
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inadequate payments and with this I finally reach the
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Taking the lying position as unity, the quantity of air inspired was found
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Professor of Psychology, State University of New York
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damage or death. Transfer of the undelivered mother be-
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to the West Indies seems desirable, although this has been questioned by
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action, compared with the deaths by disease, show by contrast how much more deadly
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the Belgian school stove exhibited at Philadelphia, 1876. It will not suc-
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This subject has attracted much attention of late, and deserves careful
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At present, hepatobiliary imaging with these compounds
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non-malarial, but all these wet, mucky soils are probably dangerous in
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lik might be introduced ; it is a most useful covering for cold and windy
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made double, with a good current of air, there is an advantage in giving a
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spendable income received after taxes and other payroll deductions have been taken into
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W. Harold Parham, D.H.A., Jacksonville, Executive Vice President
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Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and the high mountain re-
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correction must also be made for latitude, which can be done by Table HI.,
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It must have been some conditions acting more on the foot guards than
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regimens. Children who weigh less than 100 lbs. should be treated as
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drawn together to contribute these articles for the
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Clinical Laboratory Medicine. Galveston. Contact Sue Moreno, Of-
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supply Department. It would be probably a good plan to have the supply
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great interest to the soldier to know what mental, moral, and physical
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venereal disease clinics in the county health units located
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discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, other gastrointestinal distur-
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management, including intubation, should also be adminis-
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dangerous ; they are often damp, and are difficult of ventilation. In cold,
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and his two guides, during their ascents of Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, in August,
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would require a separate plan to meet the particular case. They recom-