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present. In the remaining 7 cases the bacilli could not be found in the

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altered, and in these there is diminished velocity, more or

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by such cases as have been reported by Gould and DaCosta, in which unsus-

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regret of the death at Schaudau, Germany, on the 17th day

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1885, that the cholera vibrio is highly dependent on oxygen and therefore

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puric smallpox must differ in some way from the general course, but in what

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Abdominal mutilations. — It may safely be said that per-

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continued. Blonds require much smaller doses than brunettes. Delirium,

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Constitution and Mode of Life.— As regards the bodily condition

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usually considered that perforation occurs most frequently at the time of

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the material may be emulsified in sterile salt solution (0.8 per cent.) or in

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error in prognosis that one can possibly make, while on the

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diseases may occur together, as in an instance reported by Hektoen; or

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of the disease oedema of the glottis may be present. Congestion and oedema

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guish, except perhaps in degree, between the lesions due to septicaemia and

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joints and fibrous tissues, where Haig supposes it to act as a

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make another. A little practice enables one to estimate the toughness of the

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however, must be judged according to the facts submitted.

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Some maintain that these are true specifics, and go so far as to consider that

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flowing water of the Elbe. Still this is made probable by these findings,

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appliances that the risk was enormously reduced. As to

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on standing it becomes acid from fermentative processes, during which

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bility of eliminating it altogether from our investigation of

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of ferric chloride. The salicylates have also been much vaunted. Liegal

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the milk and its source very carefully, and if there be any doubt the milk should be

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mation, with increase of vascularity, tissue change and fatty"

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strips should support the body evenly. A compress wrmig out of cold water

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the animal experiment. In the years 1898-1900 the author tried preventive

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albuminuria should be lightly regarded, and no pains should

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infection of the mouth may establish itself. When vital resistance seems