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acid-fast bacilli in smears from the lesions. The period

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described in association with measles, typhoid fever, and whooping-cough,

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xanthoma (xanthelasma), which is occasionally associated with, although it may

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and timothy. Patients who have hay-fever in late June and

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(2) For tvater analysis. Prepare as above but omit the ad-

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fourteenth), which was subjected to a thorough revision by Dr.

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(2) To produce dermatophytosis in animals, remove the hair

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tered, measure into a 500-ml cylinder the volume of

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It was thought that possibly diarsenol treatment might be

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was examined three times. It was not hemorrhagic at first,

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The vaccinifer should also be healthy, vaccinated for the first time, and

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be about 0.5 cm in thickness and they should be placed in an

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deposits a small drop of fluid from the rectum upon

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agents, naphthyl-ethylene-diamine and ammonium sulfamate, re-

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of view either of anatomic situation or of bacteriologic origin.

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which was diagnosed soon after its first appearance as floating

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agar but usually not well. Fair growth or small nonhemolytic

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favorable of such shelters should be selected and given

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the surface was warm and the pulse sustained and regular, but

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the fever is moderate, the pulse rate relatively slow, angina is trifling,

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Again, we are told, " The regular profession has always been

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variation in the flagellar antigens of enteric organisms.

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one and all, increase the weakness of the intestine. The relief

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sible because of the great rapidity. The left border was 16 cm.

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predisposing factors. Amongst these are — (a) inherited or congenital

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Niederl, Joseph B., Niederl, Victor, Micromethods of

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The clinical picture of a spontaneous toxaemia varies considerably according

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mann lifetime, and has not progressed since as much as it should

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was negative except for a slight trace of sugar twice and an

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of syphiHs of the lungs brings put several points of unusual

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b. The mechanical transmission of disease is easily accom-

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and increased in the past five years, but that it has bothered

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uric acid, is prevented by a mixture of glycerol, sodium silicate,

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this kind has been felt with increasing force, from year to year,

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for analysis in a test tube and make strongly acid with

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a. Preparation of Concentrated Solution of Minimal Car-

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(3) Take up a small portion of the sediment in a pipette