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Small sand filters may be cleaned by pouring through them a quart of
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under trial some time, and have been very favorably reported upon. They
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sion changes are also noted on the sleep EEG Manifestations of
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utilized. Additionally, an individual may appeal a decision of a local
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system. The expansion of technology forces educators
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they are useful adjuncts. In arranging the house pipes, the sink and
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impure water, dietetic errors, etc., should be carefully looked after.
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Bengal proper the Sepoy mortality is higher than in Europeans, while in
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For information: Robert J. Thompson, M.D., 655 West 8th Street,
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and wet bulbs should also fall below the board. These stands are made
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tea, \ lb ; cheese, 1 lb ; — total, 10 lb. That is to say, a weight of 10 lb,
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sides of a ward (not wider than 24 feet, and containing only two rows of
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was a visit from a member of the executive committee of
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the men having first landed from a six months' voyage, and being buttoned
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in the form of leucocythfemia, is common among the blacks (Smaixla).
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Nixon; and son, J. W. Nixon, Jr, MD, both of San Antonio;
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enough, indeed, to lead men to defy all dangers and to risk all conse-
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more open-air exercises of all kinds ; and in the cooler stations athletic
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and formed of granite, syenite, hornblende, and gneiss. But to enumer-
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Kraus, Providence Hospital, 1 1 50 Varnun St NE, Washington, DC
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Kaplan HI, Freedman AM, Sadock BJ: Comprehensive Text-
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(10) " The effect of excessive lengths of vent pipe was experimented
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opportunity to help? (Strictly confidential contacts
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management of those patients in whom the diagnosis of
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especially practised by those in whom hemorrhage or acute symptoms ex-
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for cooking, so that it may be easily carried. Then all the other vessels,
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are children whose height results from normal variations in
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most desirable. He and others of the period suggested
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well, pond, or river, must also be taken into consideration, and the sur-
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1 . Knuppel RA, et al: Experience of a Massachusetts perinatal center N
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enhancement of medical education in the state,” he said.
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Maxim/wm in Sun's Rays, or the Van nun Solar Radiation TJiermometer. — Being con-