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prompt and expeditious transfer for such seriously burned or injured
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would give 6 gallons of water per man daily for eleven months, but even
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as follows : — Every burner is plugged up, save one, and to that is attached
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exist when P-wave sensing is required by the atrial pacing
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cardiac affections is also not seen in the army to any extent.
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In speaking of sandy soils, we have alluded to the danger in those un-
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has developed a more detailed protocol for appeal and suspension,
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of the sun. If so, and if this is carried to a certain point, the heat of the
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through anaerobic metabolism (glycolysis) two mole-
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6. If it appears on board ship, take the same precautions with regard
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manufactory, and there subjected to manipulations which convert it into a
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Myocardial Infarction, New England J. M. 282, 577, 1970.
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39. Weiner Cl, Diaconis JN, Dennis JM: The "inverted v”: a new sign of
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Sinus roentgenograms showed opacification of both maxil-
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this partial isolation, though sometimes successful, cannot be depended upon. If a
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proper causes, viz., a reckless mode of living amidst the most insanitary
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improvement occurs, followed by 0.5 g orally 4 times a day to
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twice. So that there was always at least f inch of water seal remaining.
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which happen not to have been benefited by lemon juice. The process of preventive
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which recommended to the LCCME that it be accredited
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prisoners and raped or even killed, I was very apprehen
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1. A site dry and not malarious, and an aspect which gives light and
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tions may be discharged periodically by means of the automatic flush- tank. 1
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Dept of Pediatrics, UTHSC at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas,
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Journal of the Florida Medical Association I find the
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Recognition Award; 1 hour. Contact Sue Moreno, Office of Con-
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the freest play of the chest and the action of the respiratory muscles. The
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the noncontractile area became aneurysmal. Since the
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than pure coffee, it would be a needless restriction upon trade to prohibit
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of three months' duration every year, one hour being given every other day.
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There is little ventilation through the canvas, and none at all when it is
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Bldg, UT Medical Branch, Galveston, TX 77550 713/765-2934
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3 When the ceiling is flat the outlets may be advantageously placed at the sides close
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