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Gainesville at 12:55 A.M. on Saturday, August 11, 1906,

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disproportionate share of indigent patients because of the

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anoxia where blood supply remains, but there is a lack of

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closed carriages for two hours. If troops are moved by rail, they are not to use latrines,

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set in 1 970 for the 1 00 Texas rural counties. In July 1 978,

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sulting from conditions peculiar to the locality (the vicinity of volcanoes,

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under the one head of "Dominion of Canada." Both stations have always

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Other subjects that were studied by the Committee include

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kitchen ; room for arranging diets ; scullery ; cook's room.

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average pulse in the tropics was lower by 2^ beats per minute than in the

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• Dr. Voigt, Department of Pathology (R-40), University

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and fecal matters spread the disease, and it is evident why, in St. James'

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4. Anteroposterior and lateral views of the patient in Fig 3, but taken three pneumothorax. Elevation of the thymus (somewhat more prominent on the

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istration with food decreases nausea and does not decrease absorption. Diarrhea

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water, impregnated with sewer air, they partly account for the smell by

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has been inoculated with the natural vaginal mucus or with leucorrhceal

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The plan of these new barracks is essentially that proposed by the Indian

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Supposing meat is taken in proper but not excessive quantity with

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disability could cause. Since 1956, members have been able to purchase disability insurance

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3 Zeitsch. fiir Biologie, Bands ii. and iii., and Ranke's Phys. des Menschen, p. 551.

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crosses the frontier of the expectations and fears with

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sought for. His evidence, however, cannot be considered as conclusive.

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etc., and supervises the sanitary arrangements of all camps, towns, hos-

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TBA. Category 1 , AMA Physician's Recognition Award Contact

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Memorial to Congress Requested to Florida Legislature to

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formation on medical school enrollment, specialty choices

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ogy (Fig 5). When uncertainty persists, additional studies,

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mass of just sufficient liquidity to drop slowly from a stick inserted in it

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Over one half the people die from these diseases. A large

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point, as may, after local inquiry and on sanitary grounds, be determined by the Local

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lic health. So valuable has been the work of this Board, during its short

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death from apoplexy, one from drowning. The deaths from disease were

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one hand, and wise solicitation of assistance from related