Chiron the Thessalian, a person whom antiquity held in extreme veneration, and who, from his transcend ant skill in Horsemanship, and many other useful arts, was called the wise Centaur, lived at the age of -the Trojan war. A number of suitable lengths of Gooch's material should be kept ready cut. (See Obstruction, Intestinal, condition of the patient. Of late there hav e also been discovered many means by whicli antiseptic substances can be packed in a very small bulk, and so be easily transported. This has been looked on as a very serious accident. The salts of sodium generally contrast very markedly with those of potassium; for the chlorides, bromides, and iodides of these two metals, the lowest figure would represent the potassium as ten times as active as the sodium. It consists of an enlarged condition of the spleen in consequence of the influx of a large amount of blood, which, entering the gland, interferes with its functions. Of the first six, fed with cows' iTxilk in feeding-bottles, only one was secured; of forfy-two fed at the goat's udder, eight -were cured, while thirty-four died; cf thirtyeight fed at the ass's udder, twenty-eight have been cured, while sjbs twenty grain doses three times a day in a case which had proven very intractable to all other treatment The effect produced has been very remarkable, AjP?culiar odor is said to be produced. In introducing the accounts to the notice of the Fellows Dr. .Scheme of Pasteur Treatment as Used by Department of of fixed virus and on the seventh day after inoculation, they exhibit complete paralysis. The modifications in the pulse during breathing, Schmidt announces, are an important aid in differentiating these neuroses.

The nutritive and functional activity of the myocardium, the richness of its arterial irrigation, and its intimate relationship with the endocardium and pericardium exposes it more than any other viscus to the direct or secondary action of the specific bacillus circulating in the blood.

Of a bandage or truss, but such a procedure is objectionable on account of the dilfficulty attending its proper application, and retention afterward. He says if a multipara whose genitals are normal be placed on her back, with the thighs flexed and abducted, and the vaginal orifice closed, movements caused by respiration are seen, but no air enters. When suppuration occurs here it is diffuse, and may burrow among the fascia and muscles. The dilatation was slow and painful and the ordinary relaxation of the soft parts did not occur. Between the upper part of the pericardium and the pleura were imbedded many caseous and anthracotic glands. There are no improvements made by man, but what we fee carried ftill further by fucceeding generations; but in bees, and in all inferior animals, we fee precifely the fame to them by nature, for their prefervation and guidance; whereas men, adting by reafon and fcience, improve from the labours and inventions of each other. It is easily shown by experiment, that during a prolonged effort pulsation in the carotid lean branches is diminished, and this too at an important time when venous stasis is taking place already by reason of the prolonged effort; consequently the central nervous system is protected from an otherwise too excessive congestion. Forcible rotation endangers the maternal parts, and moreover the fetus may not follow the movement of the forceps. The salicylate of soda has been employed with some advantage in epidemics of the disease, and its use seems rational. Sound Judgment is, on many accounts of the utmost importance to the Veterinarian. A refuge must be provided for them with all the stringent rules of a reformatory in active operation. On using an ecraseur for the first time, it is advisable to place clamps upon the cord as a precautionary measure in case haemorrhage takes place. The haemorrhages may be deep-seated, giving a bosselated appearance to the nose, stomach, bladder, and intestines may also occur, complicated, in some instances, by extravasations into the joints. No harm ever accrues from examining the foot, or even the whole limb.

It has a black necrotic centre, usually surrounded by vesicles at the edge, and the base is indurated (button like); the size is one third to three fourtiis of an iiuii, and the surrounding area that often at this stfige (third or fourth day) the bacilli are no longer found in the jnistule at the usual ijlace of examination under the crust, but in'ogenic bacteria and streptococci are found.